Henry Angel Track

Henry Angel signpost
Henry Angel signpost

The Henry Angel Track from Tumbarumba to the waterfall is 3.1km.  It is well signposted and very easy.  If you are heading into Tumbarumba along the Tooma road you will see the sign below

Tooma Road Tumbarumba sign for the Henry Angel Track
Tooma Road Tumbarumba sign for the Henry Angel Track


Starting from Tumbarumba

Leaving from Tumbarumba information office go right past The Nest and left at the Bowling Club into Tooma road and 7km down the road you will see a camping & caravan park on your left.  Park here and walk across the highway and you will see the following sign.  The sign is not easily visible from the road as it it in a deep gully.

Henry Angel Walk - Start at Tumbarumba
Henry Angel Walk – Start at Tumbarumba

When you clamber over the style you will see a warning about the electric fences used to keep the cattle and sheep fenced in.

Electric fencing warning on the Angel Hume Track
Electric fencing warning

If you are lucky you might be able to pick up a brochure on the walk – but we were not so lucky and the larder was empty.

Humw and Hovell information brochures

Hume and Hovell Information brochure

There are a number of small bridges well built like the one below and…

Hume and Hovell bridge
A good bridge

And bridges not so sophisticated…

Hume and Hovell dodgy bridge
Lets hope it doesn’t rain

The short walk you should pass a few cows on the way.

Cow watching
Cow watching

Even more cows.

More cows on the Henry Angel Track
More cows on the Henry Angel Track

Soon you will reach the entrance of the tunnel and their is a better view from the lookout on the other side.

Information sign – Tunnel
Lookout  showing the tunnel
Information sign – rock cut channel

And the lookout to the tunnel –

Tunnel lookout

From the lookout you can see very little but this is what you will see:

Looking inside the Henry Angel tunnel
Looking inside the tunnel

Once you have done this climb over the styles and you will be in sheep country and you can see the tunnel from the other side – just be aware of the blackberries.

Style into sheep country
Style into sheep country

Beware of the blackberries and they will draw blood if shown bare skin.

Wild blackberry bushes on the Henry Angel track

You are now in sheep country but the sheep will not hang around to say hello like the cows.
Henry Angel Track - Sheep
Henry Angel Track – Sheep

Shortly after you will arrive at the waterfall.

Henry Angel; Track - Waterfall
Henry Angel; Track – Waterfall

Below, you can hear the actual sound of cicadas and the waterfall at the end of the walk.  It was such a hot day that the cicadas seem to drown out the water.


For lazy people like me the brief adventure is over and we head back.  You can keep going up the hill.  The day we went it was during Tumba’s heatwave in January 2014 and a cool beer beckoned.